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OMH is the First and Only Lift Truck Dealer to Equip All Service and Delivery Trucks with a Global Positioning System!

Ohio Materials Handling has recently installed a Sage Quest Global Positioning and Mobile Work Force Management System on all of our technician's vans and delivery vehicles.

This state of the art system provides us advanced routing methods which will permit our dispatchers to select the most efficient routes on our customer service calls. This will give us the ability to quickly dispatch a technician to a customer.

With the ability to instantly locate and dispatch the nearest qualified technician to any emergency, we will be able to provide superior customer service. Our dispatchers will be more efficient since they will no longer need to call to locate technicians.

This system will notify the dispatcher of the time of arrival and how long we have been at a location. It will also easily permit us to confirm to a customer on the phone how quickly we can respond to an immediate service need.

Another advantage to the system is that it will provide detailed and accurate records of travel time, routes, mileage, and location time without our employee's interaction. We will be able to provide our customers with documentation regarding mileage, travel, response and on-site repair time.

Operational controls and state of the art technologies are just a part of Ohio Materials Handling's

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