Avenged Sevenfold

This is a kiosk I made for Interactive Authoring III. It is an informative kiosk that would go in a record store to promote the band Avenged Sevenfold. It was made in Macromedia Director MX2004. The web version may load slowly and may not be fully functional compared to the CD-ROM version.


  How to build your own PC

This is an Interactive CD-ROM Program that I created for Computer Based Training in which the purpose is to teach the user how to build their own PC Computer. It was created in Macromedia Authorware 6.5.


  Fortune Cookie Knife

This is the final project I did for Video I. It's a QuickTime video edited in iMovie and recorded on a MiniDV camera. It's a parody of an infomercial for a set of fictional knives.


  Fortune Cookie Knife

This is the Flash version of the Fortune Cookie Knife infomercial. It was created in Macromedia Flash MX.


  French Revolution Virtual Book

This is a project I did for Western Civilization II. It's a history book about the French Revolution made in Flash.

WARNING: This may run slow on slower computers due to high quality images.

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